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Conflict Mineral Regulations and Our Policy

October 27, 2014

There are a number of industry regulations in place concerning the use of conflict minerals. What are conflict minerals? They are natural resources that are mined and extracted in “conflict regions,” like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where people who profit from the sale of these minerals could also be contributing to strife within the region. Some of the most well-known conflict minerals are gold ore, wolframite, which is used to produce tungsten, and cassiterite, which is used to make tin.

Recent regulations are aimed at decreasing the incentive for people to mine these minerals and take actions that destabilize entire regions. As a part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, companies now need to take a good look at their supply chains and publicly admit if they are using minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or nearby countries. The rule also requires that companies confirm that these minerals are specifically needed to manufacture a working product.

Now, these rules apply predominantly to publicly traded companies. While we are not a publicly traded company, we still comply with these rules. We are always checking to see if conflict minerals could be present in our supply chain. We expect all of our suppliers to develop their own similar policies and assure us that the minerals used in their products are not from conflict regions. And what happens if we believe that suppliers are sourcing from these regions? It’s simple. We stop doing business with them.

Materials like gold, tungsten, and tin are needed to manufacture a number of components and products. But that doesn’t mean that we can just ignore where these minerals are coming from and what problems we could be propagating by purchasing them. We’re glad to comply with all federal and industry regulations on conflict minerals.


New Website, Same Great Customer Service

September 30, 2014

We’re proud to announce that we recently created a brand new website! We’ve added a number of new features and cosmetic tweaks to make your browsing experience way smoother. It’s now easier than ever to see exactly what we have in stock and order what you need.

Assembly Fasteners' new websiteThe first thing you’ll see when you open our website is a series of rotating images that we use to spotlight a number of our popular products and services. We’ll also use it to keep you updated on the latest news about us, like the celebration of our 30th anniversary. Under that you’ll find links you can use to browse products from specific manufacturers.

You’ll also see that all of our products are now listed alphabetically on the left side of the website. You can see exactly what we offer, from adjustable handles and knobs to weld fasteners, and the variants of each product we stock. For example, just place your cursor over “Spacers and Standoffs” and you can see that we offer metric round spacers, hexagon spacers, round swage standoffs, and many more items. You can also click on the “Products” link at the top of the page to see our full product selection, with pictures. We have even added more information about each of our products so that you can be confident that you’re choosing the right components for your application.

Now you can also sign up for your own account, which makes it more effortless than ever to order and track parts. Another addition is the quick order pad that allows you to easily add five items to your cart. Just look up the item number, select the quantity you need, and you’re all set.

Rest assured, this is just the beginning. Keep an eye on our new website as we continue to add more information and make efforts to ensure that your browsing experience is as informative and headache-free as possible.

Control your Systems Electronically with Southco’s EAS

April 3, 2014

As technology continues to develop and begins to integrate into many different industries, it’s time to look at your business and see how to adapt properly. In our business, we have seen the transition from mechanical locks and seals to electronic ones. Due to this, we are now offering Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions (EAS).

Southco EASFor a more secure and convenient means of access control, electronic solutions are the new go-to models. Instead of traditional mechanical locks and physical key management, the electronic systems provide an easier means of monitoring for a control system. Specifically, there are four main qualities of the EAS that allow it to stand out:

  • Remote monitoring: No matter where you are at any given time, the electronic remote monitoring component of the system gives you access through outputs to a variety of other devices.
  • Electromechanical latch: This is what we consider to be the “heart of the system.” It is this component that allows for remote controlled access and an electronic signature for access.
  • Access control system: This is the human interface that can consist of a keyboard or more sophisticated equipment such as readers and remote systems.
  • Override systems: This provides you with the option of a system override, whether manually or electronically.

In the case of control systems, integrated electronic access systems have increased security and improved monitoring. The newer technologies have greatly improved the access control solutions industry and we are excited for the opportunity to offer Southco’s Electronic Access Solutions—let us know if they can improve your control systems!

A Perspective on American Manufacturing

December 5, 2013

Is manufacturing gaining momentum? We all have read a lot about manufacturing lately — especially its importance to growing the economy and nurturing the U.S. back to prosperity. The Association For Manufacturing Technology recently announced that machine tool orders are the highest they’ve been in well over a decade, a signal to the economy that, despite some bumps in the road, manufacturers are essentially positive about growing their business. What’s driving this optimism? One factor is “reshoring,” the shift that’s underway to relocate more work back to America.

For years, companies have outsourced jobs to cut costs, but now more U.S. manufacturers are looking to strengthen their operations here at home. Costs of doing business overseas have gone up, rising fuel prices have made shipping more expensive, and as developing countries prosper, workers are commanding higher wages. There are other benefits to reshoring — domestic manufacturers react much faster to production changes, and proximity sets the stage for collaborative innovation. Three big names, Caterpillar, Ford, and Apple, have all announced plans to ride the reshoring wave. American manufacturers are also becoming more efficient. Things such as advanced automation technologies, robotics, and intelligent electronics have all contributed to productivity gains and more economic production.

That’s the view from 10,000 feet. Here on the ground, we see things improving. Orders are increasing, new customers are calling, and we’re developing lots of new partnership relations to better serve you, our customers. We’re hoping the convergence of reshoring and technology is just the catalyst American manufacturers need to gain a competitive edge, spur innovation, and continue to be prosperous!

What’s New at Assembly Fasteners

September 9, 2013

At Assembly Fasteners, we take great pride in our ability to offer a diverse range of products in order to provide you, our customers, with a single source for application-specific solutions. This year has been busy with new opportunities for us to further expand our product line with some exciting new offerings!

U.S. Toyo Fan Corporation

Opportunities for product diversification are often a result of synergies with our VMI program. When asked to stock a line of CPU cooling fans, we developed a partnership with U.S. Toyo Fan Corp. and have become a stocking distributor of their full line of AC/DC cooling fans and blowers, as well as accessories such as finger guards, filters, and fan plug cords.

Caplugs, Inc.

A new alliance with Caplugs brings a line of more than 9,000 standard protective nylon closures to our product offerings. Additionally, Caplugs’ recent purchase of Shercon enables us to also offer industry leading masking tape products, including their premiere line of tapes that withstand the high temperature requirements of the powder coat painting process.

Fath, Inc.

Partnering with Fath, Inc., a manufacturer of hinges and fittings, leveling feet, T-slot nuts, and accessories for aluminum profile systems, allows us to expand our product offerings while helping them broaden their market reach. Fath leveling feet can be found on machines and equipment all over the world, and we are excited to add the depth of their component product line to our warehouse shelves!

We strive to continually improve customer satisfaction by offering best-in-class products is well on its way to success!

Sharing Information through Technology

October 17, 2012

At Assembly Fasteners, we have firmly embraced the use of technology as a means of keeping a free flow of information between ourselves and our customers and trading partners. We have worked hard on implementing systems that not only facilitate data sharing, but also streamline and simplify the business processes we conduct on an everyday basis. Unique in our approach, we have designed our systems in such a way that they can be custom tailored to coordinate with your specific requirements.

Assembly Fasteners' server rackOur IT staff can manipulate the software that drives our vendor-managed inventory systems to seamlessly integrate into your specific ERP or MRP system. The end result? Instant access to stock levels, pricing, delivery, order status, lot traceability, or any selection of data that is significant to you. We also have tools that accept any EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transaction; just let us know what you require. We use our document imaging system to capture and retain relevant documents including packing lists, material certifications, and quality system records. Scanned images of inventory items can be instantly faxed or e-mailed, and when you need a part drawing or data sheet in a hurry, we will have it for you.

There other some other big benefits. Trading data electronically reduces errors, avoids duplicate efforts, and boosts productivity. Information sharing becomes faster and more effective. And think of how much paper is saved! If you are one of our customers or trading partners and have suggestions on how we can use technology to further improve our communications, we would be happy to hear from you!

In Need of Something Special?

September 18, 2012

Although it might seem remarkable given the seemingly infinite number of standard fastener options available, sometimes you need something a little longer, or with threads spaced a little wider, or constructed from a different material than stock inventory can offer. When the precise and unique requirements of your application demand a custom solution, look no further than Assembly Fasteners. Send us your PDF print, and we will source the fastener for you—rapidly and at a reasonable cost. No print? No problem! Send us the part and we will reverse-engineer the drawing for you.

Custom options are almost limitless: Need specific color? We’ll paint it. Anti-vibration application? We’ll thread lock it. High temperature? Anti-corrosion? We’ll coat it, seal it, and cure it. If it’s metal, we’ll machine it, if it’s plastic, we’ll mold it. Using our carefully screened network of both domestic and off-shore fabricators, we can supply high volume custom fasteners for use in many industries, including electronic assembly, medical equipment, and telecommunications. And we don’t limit parts to just fasteners; our sources are fully capable of precise tolerance CNC machining of component parts for your entire assembly application.

What else can you rely on from our custom supplied parts? Quality. We stand 100% behind the integrity of everything we sell. All products are subject to the stringent standards demanded by the requirements of ANSI/ASQC Standard Q9002:1994/ISO 9001:2008. So the next time you are looking for a reliable supplier for that certain special fastening solution, please contact us at Assembly Fasteners.

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