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Finding the Right Hardware for Medical Applications Can be an Easy Process

January 2, 2015

Every industry has its own specific needs and challenges when it comes to product design. In the medical industry, these challenges usually depend on the individual medical applications, possible regulations and requirements, and the different types of environments where the products will be used.

laptoppFor instance, if they’re working on designing products for a hospital or medical facility, product designers and engineers need to know whether a product will be used in patients’ rooms. Examples of this are the laptop carts you’ll see rolling down the hallways and in and out of the rooms at hospitals. They hold the laptop computers that store patients’ charts and private information. These laptop carts need to be designed in a way that will guarantee that they won’t make noises that might disturb the patients or wake them while they’re sleeping. They need to be designed with quiet – or silent – casters, locks, latches and assembly hardware, like Accuride’s touch-to-close ball bearing slide, which allows a drawer or keyboard to slowly and quietly retract or open when you touch it.

Mounting hardware used for medical applications also has unique ergonomic requirements, such as the need to allow products to be easily adjusted or repositioned. Going back to the laptop carts, here’s an example of what we mean: The height of a medical laptop cart and where the laptop is positioned will need to be adjusted for use by a nurse who’s 6-feet-tall after a doctor who’s 5’2” tall has used it, or vice versa. Southco’s assortment of products and hardware for medical applications – positioning hinges, casters, locks, latches and other assembly hardware – are commonly used for this purpose and for other instances where repositioning is required.

For safety and security purposes within the medical industry, the medical carts and medical supply rooms at hospitals and other facilities need locking mechanisms. That’s a given. They might also require having high-tech control systems in place. Southco offers access-control solutions and all the hardware required for applications that require security and safety in the medical industry, as well as in other industries and business environments.

Ergonomics, ease-of-use, silence, safety and security – there’s a lot to think about when you’re designing products that require hardware for medical applications. Finding the right hardware, exactly what’s needed for medical product designs, can be an easy process when designers and engineers work with one source where you can find everything you’re looking for, including hardware for medical applications and assembly solutions, from different vendors.

At Assembly Fasteners, we are that source – your one source for a full and complete selection of assembly solutions and hardware for medical applications and more. In addition to being known for offering an extensive assortment of superior quality products to our customers, we’re also known for providing exceptional service. And, like we said in our previous blog post, we’ve been doing this for 30 years now. We are your source for assembly solutions and hardware for all industries, including the medical industry. Thanks for reading our blog! We invite you to visit our website for more information, or to give us a call at 800-488-4777.

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